In the markets and junk shops of London UK in the late eighties/early nineties, you could sometimes find strange cassette tapes in garish red sleeves featuring The Velvet Underground (or any other artist under the sun) (and also a few sleeves were other colours).

The age of the reel-to-reel tape was over, CDs were just gaining popularity and the internet wasn’t even a dream, so we made do with cassettes.

This site is about tapes of The Velvet Underground, or tapes that made that promise; there were concerts, soundtracks, unreleased songs, interviews, anything and everything that could be pinned on the Velvets. And the focus of this site is the tapes themselves, although sometimes the music gets a mention.

Some of the tapes were true dudes, others were real duds and some were actually blank. There was no way of knowing until you shut the tapedeck door, pressed play and settled back with whatever made life bearable.

With grateful thanks to Olivier Landemaine for The Velvet Underground Web Page http://olivier.landemaine.free.fr/vu/index.html and many thanks also to the folk in its Credits section. I also quite like The Velvet Forum http://velvetforum.com and would like to thank all its guardians and contributors.

Updates and Corrections are listed here: https://redsleevetapes.wordpress.com/updates-and-corrections/

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